Thursday, September 1, 2011

How many warblers can you name?

I love warblers!
They are adorable creatures with fat little bodies that sing sweet songs. I spend hours watching playful chickadees, so in my ornithological-aspiring mind warblers are simply a more colorful version.

Unlike my whimsical interpretations of "looks like a chickadee", the Bird Club is hard-science based, wrapped in fun. Even expert bird-watchers enjoy the programs and meeting bird-loving friends.

The Bird Club is offering the first workshop of a series dedicated to visual identification of Warblers. This is one of multiple because there are A LOT of warblers who call Wisconsin home.
The meeting is held at Riveredge on Tuesday, September 6. Come at 6pm for a bird-watching hike (or patio surveillance) but don’t miss the 7pm program.
I challenge anyone to list all warbler species (no cheating, please).
I hope to meet you there.

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