Monday, March 5, 2012

Riveredge Nature Center seeking saps for maple syrup - JSOnline

Riveredge Nature Center seeking saps for maple syrup - JSOnline

Check out this JSOnline Blog that mentions Riveredge's Maple Sugarin' events...and visit us online at for up and coming programs!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Become a Master Naturalist! Sign up for classes NOW!

What's New at Riveredge?

What's New at Riveredge?

  • MASTER NATURALIST PROGRAM IS BACK IN SESSION!: On February 16 we will be meeting at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Field Station (Cedarburg Bog). Director, Jim Reinartz, will talk about how woody plants adapt for winter survival. The Field Station is about 2 miles southeast of Riveredge. Here are the driving directions from their website: We'll be back at Riveredge in the afternoon to work on mammals. Interested in joining us but haven't registered yet? Click here...
  • Wisconsin's Maple Queen at Riveredge!
    Megan Staats,
    Wisconsin's Maple Queen


    Meet Wisconsin's Maple Queen at the Riveredge Maple Sugarin' Open House on Saturday, March 24th. Want to learn more about this event? Click Here!
CALLING ALL RIVEREDGE RIVER VALLEY BIKERS! This is our 20th year and we are looking for individuals that have ridden all 20 years. We would like to hear some personal stories and how our ride has changed over the years. Photos from some of the early rides would also be welcome. Please contact Jennifer Hamm at 262-375-2715 or

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Become a Master Naturalist! Sign up for classes NOW!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Don't let their innocent pecking at roadside carnage fool you, Ravens and other Corvidae members are great communicators.
Several months ago I watched in amazement as two crows strategically coerced a squirrel to forfeit a precious chunk of stale bread by surrounding the poor creature who was stranded on a low branch. Once the crust was given up from the squirrel's defeat, both birds lost interest in it but flew off, dropping it in Cedar Creek out of spite.

Recently their intelligence has become the object of interest to scientists in learning more about all of the animal kingdom, including ourselves. Study: Ravens communicate better than most of animal kingdom by Doug O'Harra of the Alaska Dispatch wrote how they have been observed gesturing to each other in communication about an object; a complex communication previously unknown outside of humans and primates.

This has spurred research on communications. On his website, Raven Politics, Thomas Bugnyar, co-author of the study wrote, "Ravens show striking abilities in judging and manipulating competitors but also engage in referential communication, social learning, and various forms of cooperation on the basis of social relationships." He states that "[u]nderstanding the social life of corvids may thus be critical in our attempt to understand primate cognition."

This just goes to show we can learn alot from watching nature-even from a bird brain.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What's New at Riveredge Nature Center This Week??

What's New at Riveredge Nature Center This Week??
  • WE APPRECIATE YOU: Happy Thanksgiving from the Board and Staff of Riveredge Nature Center! We thank you for your support and commitment to this wonderful place where kids (and adults) get hands-on experience with nature, and people of all ages can come to explore and enjoy “a little bit of the wild.”
  • SUCCESSFUL CHILDREN'S PROGRAMMING: From September through November, we served over 3,260 students through our quality environmental education school programs. We also served 65 homeschooled students through our Homeschool Ed-ventures program. We received many excellent reviews from teachers and students. Some are posted online—when you have time, check them out !
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