Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Say the magic word…and veggies will appear

Attention all growers whose summer salads were wilty, bug eaten leaves resembling lace; don’t give up on fresh veggies yet!

While I was fighting common sense with ingenuity, Mother Nature was trying (unsuccessfully) to teach me patience. Instead of a summer-long battle to save my lettuce greens from the searing heat and gluttonous creatures, I should have simply planted earlier…or waited.

Now is the perfect time to catch that second wind and do some fall planting. Organic Gardening says that even through Zone 4, cold loving plants grow well in the cooler temperatures (and fewer bugs) of fall. Plant them in a lower area of the garden or area sheltered from wind by geography or fence. Then simply add the magic word…Mulch, before several deep waterings.


-Sprouting Broccoli






-Asian Greens



Root, Root, Roots…

Remember the good ol’ days when these delicious spuds were stored in a cellar? Add enough of the magic word and your garden can do the same job. Organic Gardening recommends mulching roots with 8” of straw to keep things from freezing solid. Harvest throughout winter as needed.




The best part of fall growing: Culinary delights

Just like the effect of freezing on grapes to make ice wine, some vegetables taste great after cold temps. Carrots taste sweeter and kale is absolutely delicious in lasagna. Spinach is picked young and is exceptionally tender when it hasn’t fried in the sun.

Happy planting! (…don’t forget the magic word)

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