Friday, September 9, 2011

What does the Riveredge Photographers Anonymous do?

When they aren't taking photographs or hiking around Riveredge, they make books.

For Joe Higdon, the concept of a photo book started to organize and show off great photos in a professional way. When he shared the idea with the group, it gained so much enthusiasm that it grew into a "labor of love" brain child. The supportive environment the group uses to push their collective creativity and skill ignited a group wide piece of art. Joe coordinated layout and found inspiring nature quotes that compliment each piece.

The complete book "A Photo Retrospective" showcases the work of 21 Photographer Anonymous photographers (I'm not at liberty to tell you who those 21 individuals are so you'll just have to reference the roster in the book). 

Although the photographers call Wisconsin home, their variety of photos could rival the spread of National Geographic.

If the goal of this book was to inspire and impress, Photographers Anonymous has surpassed their goal.

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