Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Playing to the sound of music...and science

So the little pot of Lamb's Ear did take another topple in my friends car but was a HUGE hit with her daughter. While looking for "cool gardens for kids", "child-friendly plants", etc. google led me to Sound Garden parks (not to be confused with the rock band).

These parks have chimes, xylophones and drums made from strategically sized logs to professionally made and tuned metal outdoor instruments. HOW FUN IS THAT?!
Kids don't come to Riveredge for music because they are too busy looking at fairy shrimp under a microscope, catching monarch butterflies to track migration and learning to tap for maple syrup. Very cool!

The closest park known to me is in Cadillac, MI (but please correct me if I've overlooked one closer). In case a ferry ride isn't in your pre-labor day plans, below are photos of some of the artisticly musicaly designs featured...and then come have fun with art and science in your own backyard.

Sound garden in Cadillac, MI

Xylophone log and brake drum chimes in Park City, UT

Steel drum flower in Ithaca, NY

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