Friday, August 19, 2011

Got Mud? or Plays in Dirt?

TGIF everyone! 

These bumper stickers sum up my morning (I simply couldn't choose one) and I hope it brings a few smiles to your last week day of nature deprevation. Not that I don't normally play in dirt, it just isn't common for me to do so (in heels) before a work day. 

A good friend of mine read "My Garden" by Wisconsinite Kevin Henkes. Her daughter became so inspired after reading about the jellybean bush that she wanted to grow a garden of her own (minus the jellybeans).

So I get all inspired thinking of fun, kid-friendly, durable plans that I can dedicate to her little garden. 

As I was running late this morning I detoured to my garden with shovel in hand balancing a terra cotta pot on my hip. Armed like surgeon, this was going to be a clean, painless amputation to give part of the divided Lamb's Ear.

Everything was successful, until I hit every red light known to man on the way to her house. The little pot toppled over at the first light. While sitting at the next three lights, I righted the pot and plunked the fuzzy leaves in top side up and scooped back the dirt from my car floor.

All was right in the world until it happened again! By the time my green gift was given it was more than less on the wilty side. Any plant that can sustain my "shock test" earns the title"kid-proof"!

Are there any other "kid tested and approved" plants anyone recommends? There is nothing more disheartening for a little girl than to have her flowers die.

Happy Friday!

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