Saturday, June 18, 2011

Plein Air and open spaces draws a crowd

This week our trails were used not only by hikers but by easel-toting artists. Plein Air artists are in town for a week to paint for the Plein Air contest and Riveredge is a designated site. Even with Wednesdays downpour, the response was overwhelming. Artists enjoyed the beauty of the preserve and the challenge of capturing it on canvas.

Artist Bonnie Paruch came from Door County and
 painted at Riveredge.
 Artist Bonnie Paruch from Door County estimates that 50 other artists painted at Riveredge.  She said she stuck it out until her paint palette filled up with rain water. But she was so thrilled that the mood of her piece reflected the rainy conditions it was painted in that she submitted it for judging.

Her painting and paintings of Riveredge created by adult and child artists will be exhibited next weekend and are available for purchase.

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