Saturday, June 18, 2011

New face at Riveredge-Welcome Mandie Zopp

A new member is joining the Riveredge family as the Larson Senior Naturalist!
She is starting August 1, but before you have the opportunity to run into her on a trail or at the ephemeral pond, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Mandie will start August 1 as
the Larsen Senior Naturalist
This is Mandie Zopp
Right now Mandie works at the Wisconsin DNR and is a biology lecturer at UW-Platteville (did I mention she’s smart?).

What does this mean for all the Riveredge enthusiasts?

Incredible programming! Mandie will be our principal educator, scientist and naturalist. This means she will use her expertise to provide innovative environmental education programs for adults as well as oversee land management and research programs.

Why is she excited to be coming to Riveredge?

In accepting the position, Mandie said, "The people that work at Riveredge, as well as those who volunteer their time, are some of the most dedicated, compassionate, and welcoming individuals I have ever met. To be surrounded by such individuals is inspiring and exciting. I am excited and honored to begin working with these individuals and to start a new chapter in Riveredge’s history."

Why does her title say “Larsen Legacy” instead of just Senior Naturalist?

Andy Larsen, first Executive
Director of Riveredge
The Larsen Legacy was created in recognition of G. Andrew [Andy] Larsen, the first Executive Director of Riveredge. For 30 years he worked to grow Riveredge to a nationally recognized nature preserve and self-discovery learning center for hands-on environmental education.
Educators, naturalists and scientists continue to cherish our diverse preserve as regionally important ecological issues can be studied.

Riveredge’s Larsen Fellowship is given to a person that exhibits the characteristics most identified with Andy: critical thinking, creativity, free spirit, uniqueness, inquiry, curiosity and thinking “outside the box.”

She sounds great, when can I meet her?

Welcome Mandie during her Meet & Greet at Riveredge on August 9, 5pm.

See you there!

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  1. Thanks Insider!

  2. You spelled Andy Larsen's name incorrectly.
    Mandie Zopp should be the Larsen Senior Naturalist, not the Larson Senior Naturalist.
    Happy New Year.