Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ghost birds fight to live

Yeah, they are beautiful in pictures, but the endangered Whooping Crane is an amazingly beautiful creature in person. Sadly, the "Ghost Bird' is still fighting for survival.

In a recent viral surge, news spread of the $1 fine issued to an Indiana man convicted of shooting a Whooping Crane. This is a heavy blow to bird and nature lovers everywhere. The good news is that the efforts to increase Whooper numbers are working.

David Sakrison, author of "Chasing the Ghost Birds: Saving Swans and Cranes from Extinction" and co-producer of the documentary, "Saving Cranes" is coming to Riveredge and will talk about the Whooping Crane recovery program from the time that only 20 Whoopers existed in the wild to current efforts to establish new wild flocks of Whoopers in the Eastern United States.

This free event is an entertaining way bird lovers are fighting back!

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