Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yet another reason to enjoy the outdoors

Have you ever noticed how many people wear glasses? It isn’t an illusion that glasses and contacts are being worn by more people of all ages.

According to the article "The Sun Is the Best Optometrist" in the New York Times posted on June 20, researchers think the increase in near-sightedness over the last 30 years is not from staring at computer screens, but because of less time spent in the sun.

Being nearsighted was thought to be a purely genetic result, but it is now realized that environment plays a key role. The article said that a 2007 study at Ohio State University found that “children with two myopic parents who spent at least two hours per day outdoors were four times less likely to be nearsighted than those who spent less than one hour per day outside.”

Researchers think this is because the lens in a child’s eye changes in outdoor light in order to focus. When too many hours are spent inside the “eyes fail to grow correctly” and the child becomes near-sighted.

So get the kids outside (even if it is with a book or computer) and enjoy nature. Their eyes will thank you.

The Insider

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