Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The single, couple, family, and friends guide to a fun, Green Valentine’s Day

I have heard it said, albeit from men, that Valentine’s Day is not a real holiday. Whether it is or isn’t, the volume this days spurs is undisputable. While the cards, flowers, romantic dinners, and gifts add up to a large carbon footprint, there are many romantic options available to trade red for Green.


Approximately 1 billion Valentine’s cards will be given this year, most of which will be thrown out soon after. Laid end to end, the cards would encircle the earth five times. A more spontaneous option is to make a card out of homemade or recycled paper. It will give you a chance to tell your sweetie why you love and appreciate them in a way more genuine than a pre-printed card.


Bad news ladies! The beloved roses are wreaking havoc on the world. The previously considered eco option to import flowers is ruining ecosystems with chemicals including DDT that are listed as extremely toxic by the World Health Organization and increasing sickness, congenital defects, and miscarriages in the mostly women and children floral workforce. And don’t think that the United States or Europe is any better. The Netherlands and California have had safety concerns identified. In one case the flowers handled by workers had chemical exposure 60 times that which is considered safe. Vice president of research for the US Environmental Working Group, Richard Wiles, states that “consumers are buying roses that, toxicity levels suggest, should be handled by wearing gloves.” Do you really want those flowers to be in your house? Buy local and buy organic. It is a healthier option both for you and the earth.

Box of Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to start indulging in organic, fair trade chocolates that are as convenient as the nearest grocery store. These earth friendly, fair trade brands include AlterEco, El Rey, Endangered Species, Equal Exchange, Dagoba, and Green & Blacks. For the price of one chocolate filled heart, a wide variety of exotic deliciousness can be bought and shared. Buy dark chocolate for additional health benefits.


Skip the perfume and go natural. 95 percent of chemicals in fragrances are petroleum derived synthetic compounds. Perfume is sprayed on the skin, the body’s largest organ, where toxins are stored in the fatty tissues and can affect reproductive abilities in men, DNA, and lung function. Make a date to an essential oil distributer and design a personal scent. Like authentic perfume, a base of jojoba or sweet almond oil nourishes skin and allows the scent to last longer. Because essential oils are harvested directly from plants and not formulated in a lab, they are more sensual than the artificial version and offers health and aroma therapeutic benefits.

Date Night

Bundle up for a breathtaking snowshoe hike through Riveredge. Snowshoes are provided for this free event. Dress for the weather and then warm up with hot coco after the hike. Don’t forget to pick up our homemade, organic maple syrup and pancake mix for a delicious Valentine’s breakfast the whole family with enjoy.

Happy Green Valentine’s Day!

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