Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's Going On at Riveredge Now...

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you know that Riveredge trails are closed for the hunting season (Nov 20-28)! 

After the holiday, bring the kids and enjoy the Children's Library, hike the trails...or purchase your Riveredge Maple Syrup and Pancake Gift Packages before they disappear! 

Visit for more details.  We are looking forward to seeing all of you. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

P.s. Don't forget to post your sights and interesting details on the blog!


  1. I would like to respond to the challenge made by a long time Riveredge supporter at the last RSO meeting. He pointed out the single people who ventured out alone, and asked them to invite someone, because he usually brings his wife. I would challenge people to keep coming themselves even though those around them might not be interested and continue to be brave, even though some men on occasion at the meeting make you uncomfortable. Unfortunately you can't beat sensitivity into someone. It only highlights the wonderful atmosphere usually encountered at the nature center by those trained in education and,Thank you

  2. Thank you for your comment Anonymous. We appreciate your opinions! We hope you had a great holiday!